Byson Maneya

Byson Maneya
Byson Maneya
2009 Rowe Morrow

TALUALLAR: The work is an acronym.  It stands for teaching and Learning Using Locally Available Resources.  This means that urban, semi-urban or rural have their own environment and when you want to produce or use teaching and learning materials you need to use materials which are available in your environment at that time.

Advantages of TALULLAR

Help learners to interact and to appreciate the immediate resources in the environment

Teacher and learners become creative as they produce their own teaching and learning materials

Help teach to teach with confidence

Learners learn effectively

Enhances learner’s memory as they learn through touching, feeling, smelling seeing etc. -Promotes learner centre approaches.

NOTE:  A teacher is a scavenger – one who uses things which have already been used.

Worked as Senior Pimary teacher, TALULA Trainer, Painting and decoration trainers library skills, and microcomputer and life skills trainer.

Way forward: – Doing awareness of permaculture training with all stakeholders about permaculture

Permaculture training in schools

Implementation of permaculture in schools

Working hand in hand with Pinthinzi to promote permaculture and TALULAR