Morgan Boehringer

Morgan Boehringer
Morgan Boehringer
2001 Goongerah /2009 Rowe Morrow & Lis Bastian
Blackheath, NSW

*First studied landcare in a Landcare Environment Action Programme at Sydney Park in Sydney in 1993, followed by Urban Horticulture (unfinished) at Ryde TAFE and Bushland Regeneration at Wentworth Falls TAFE. Worked as a bush regenerator in the Upper Blue Mountains and North Sydney in the late nineties. Forest activism in East Gippsland led to my first Permaculture course in Goongerah in 2001. Second Permaculture course completed in Blackheath in March 2009.

*Football assistant coach and coach for 15 years, player for over three decades.

* Graphic designer, banner painting, screen printer, bag/garment manufacturer, bone/shell carver for 15 years, both in a volunteer/fund raising capacity and as private business.

* Occasional forays in the T.V and film world both in front and behind the camera.

* Community activism of many stripes and colours.
Phone: 0420 636 306