Susan Girard

Susan Girard
Susan Girard
2000 Rowe Morrow
2007 Bill Mollison – Diploma in Education, Site Design and Media
Katoomba 2780 NSW Australia

After completing my PDC I co-taught with Rosemary Morrrow for about 5 years; we also did a radio program together and I illustrated her Seedsaving booklet. Around this time I began studying Horticulture and later Conservation and Land Management, and I received a Diploma in Permaculture thanks to Bill Mollison  Since then I have set up a Consultancy Business, from which I do the odd Report and teach Introductory Courses and various other short courses with TAFE and in the wider community. My interest in Entomology makes IPM one of my favourite subjects. My husband and youngest daughter have both completed PDC’s. Both the front and back garden of our house have been developed into food growing areas including a hot-house; this was one of the gardens on display after APC9 in the Blue Mountains. We have recently spent time developing part of our house into a teaching facility, from which I hope to continue spreading Permaculture.


Other qualifications:

Asset Maintenance – Pest Management

Horticulture and Natural Area Conservation

2008 Diploma In Conservation and Land Management with TAFE

2010 AQF Cert IV in Pc with ERDA (Robyn Frances)



Permaculture Consultant

Educator- Food sustainability

– Integrated Pest Management


Interests- Seedsaving

– Heritage Poultry
Phone: 61-2-47825810