Wayne Levi

Wayne Levi
Wayne Levi
1996 Rowe Morrow
Blackheath, NSW

Exploring the 3 principles of permaculture design:
*caring for the earth
*caring for people
*sharing surplus and resources
I completed the Permaculture Design Certificate in 1996 designing two
plans, one large acreage and refitting my own plot. 3 years study of
Horticulture Cert. Parks and Gardens followed, further advanced subjects in
design, all areas of plant propogation and deeper grounding in plant
recognition, I intended to set up a rare plant nursery, saving seeds and
growing rarely seen heritage plants. Meanwhile I have worked as a landscape
gardener and designing consultant for the past 8 years in my own successful
business, teaching the PDC sessions on zones with my original teacher Rowe
I entered into studies on Sustainable Communities Design with the
Permaculture Institute and also obtained Cert.4 work place training and
assessment 2006 Djanbung Gardens PEC. I wanted to teach, I am now an
approved trainer of Accredited Permaculture Training with the Permaculture
Institute Ltd 2005, now teaching sessions of current PDC.s
My partner and I are the Cooerwull Plantsmen operating a successful seldom
seen plant propagation nursery in the Blue Mountains area, landscape design
consultant and project manager for Lithgow Community Gardens.
My goal is to deepen my relationship with this community through my work as a
plantsman and teacher, pass on knowledge to create sustainable living
locally in all areas of my life.