Permaculture Teacher Training at Applewood, UK

“Change can come from anywhere and happen very fast,
come be part of the solution on the side of life.”
– Rosemary Morrow

It was a historic day in the beautiful British countryside surrounding by endless rolling grassy hills dotted with old barns, stone cottages and flocks of sheep. Converging from all across the planet was a unique community of learners, teachers and activists. Assembling to study with three Pioneers of Permaculture, this uniquely creative group joined forces, blending a variety of backgrounds, skills and cultural backgrounds. Rosemary Morrow, one of the grandmothers of the permaculture movement, shared a lifetime of teaching and permaculture experience gleaned from countless courses and trainings, many of which took place in extreme places like Afghanistan, Uganda, East Timor and Vietnam. Looby Macnamara, one of the rising stars of the social permaculture movement, brought a dynamic facilitation that accelerated learning and infused the experience with creativity and fun. Chris Evans brought his considerable experience working in rural Nepal and decades of teaching permaculture into the mix. Local participants from England and Wales mingled with those from South Africa, Israel, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Belgium and Australia, making for a global melting pot of skills and experiences. Over nine days we embarked on a life changing journey into the world of permaculture, empowerment, teaching and facilitation. Our learning journey carried us through gardens, woodlands and farms including games, breakout groups, discussions, nano teaching, group facilitation, revisions, energizers, reflections and all manner of dynamic educational processes. Our learning community shared in farm chores, gardening tasks, cleanup and the processes of living and learning together. Our group parted ways content with the knowledge that we would be connected forever, empowered to bring permaculture into our life path in a variety of ways, and share it with countless others. Help us spread this legacy of inspiration and life long learning by sharing this slideshow on social media and beyond. There is a series of short articles and videos from the training that can be found on the Gaiacraft website.

Photos and Production : Dana Wilson
Text : Delvin Solkinson
Guild : Annaliese Hordern and Kym Chi

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