Wild Neighbours


How to deal kindly with possums on the roof, a snake in the grass, marauding cockatoos, rats in the ceiling, or even a Tassie Devil giving birth under the house. 

WILD NEIGHBOURS lets urban dwellers enjoy the experience of wildlife and offers ways to deal with inevitable competition for shared space in a humane way. Expert know-how and some lateral thinking for rational, realistic and harmonious solutions. Interesting insights into how our wild neighbours live: their habits and favoured habitats, diet and ‘training’.



A percentage of the proceeds from sales of Wild Neighbours, goes to the Humane Society and the book very clearly reflects a humane and permaculture approach to dealing with wildlife. Illustrated by Lis Bastian, it won the Whitley Award for services to protecting Urban Fauna.

Prints of Lis’s illustrations are available from the Institute.



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