Solomons Report

Video: Tide of Change by Aimie Batalibasi (view at )

In February 2015, a crowdfunding campaign to create Permaculture Teacher Training Resources based on Rowe Morrow’s teacher training courses, successfully raised US$20,426 dollars (more than US$5,000 over its original goal), thanks to 145 generous contributors from around the world. The additional money raised is now funding a project in the Solomon Islands to assist communities affected by rising seas and climate disasters.

In the next few weeks we will also have completed the long awaited new digital book by Rowe: Permaculture Teaching Matters. It is a step-by-step teacher’s guide to teaching permaculture based on the curriculum of Rowe’s Teaching Permaculture Teachers Courses.

The next outcome of the Crowdfunding Campaign will be to upload a series of videos that provide additional support to permaculture teachers. As we are now shooting some extra footage, these will take a little longer than originally planned, but stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s an update on the Solomon’s Island project.

An interim report about an island community and its adaptation to change by Rowe Morrow

We hope this project will be a model for other communities. Lagoon communities everywhere (like delta communities) are already under severe threat from climate change, storm surges and sea-level rises. Permaculture does not have a clear solution for them … and the solution is not simply to move people. We can’t, and they are not ready to go. So, with advice from villagers and village meetings, we received a proposal for a number of concrete steps to enable the villagers to improve the quality of their lives while offering more income strains so that they can eventually, as they must, move with confidence.

The report for the first stage of the project can be downloaded here:

Further reports will follow as the project progresses.

We wish to thank the individuals and organisations who donated to the crowdfunding campaign to make all the above projects possible.

Organisations: * Grace Geraldine Brown Bequest—Religious Society of Friends, South Australia & Northern Territory Regional Meeting * Quinta do Vale da Lama * Páramo Permacultura Colombia * Gaia University * Permacultura in Corso * Permaculture Association of Slovenia * Association for Regenerative Culture * Permaculture Providence * Midwest Permaculture * Permaculture Activist * Two Visions Permaculture.

Individuals: Dorothy Scott, Alan Clayton, Robyn Williamson, Nita Barroca, Anne Caroline Sulzer, Caroline Plunkett, Janice Smart, Hamish Murphy, Jayatma Saraswati, Saskia Everingham, Neal Spackman, Martin Burbeck, Brian Klock, Domen Zupan, Angela Paredes & Greg Amos, Fransjan de Waard, Jennifer Niquette, John Freeman, Tammy Turner, Hoby Butchart, Nicole Brammy, Elena Parmiggiani, Andrew Langford, Peter Bane, Rudy Valvano, Kate, Sylvia Decker, Ola Jas, Annie, Amie B, Aline Van Moerbeke, Alba Teixidor Feu, M Carme Feu, Brad Kik, David Avelar, Emily Iwuc, C. Milton, Dixon, Jenny Kato, Alexandra Petrikat, Emily Chiken, Nigel Wickenden, Marcus Hoff, Anne Ainsworth, Keith Turnbull, Roberta Campani, Lindsay, Chris Curtis, Anne Angeline Marx, Gavin Raders, Adrienne Plotnek, An Orb, Christopher Dunn, Hildegardista, Adam, Majohasi, Susanne Bowra, Wendy Buck, Ben Blackburn, Wendy Watson, Wojciech Górny, Chris Baldwin, Nat K, Luke, John Cullen, Maurício Möller de Oliveira, Rizoud, Armelle Caramello, Charles Abécassis, Jarod Santana, Irene Lim, John Clarke, Dustin Hall, Derek Williams, Elliott Harrah, Eduardo Jezierski, Blair Anderson, Manolis Karamousas, Kerry Rodgers, Mary Fahnestock-Thomas, Valerie Dawnstar, Lorenzo Costa, Ryan Lambert, Patricia Zulkosky, Rene Bajamonde, Heather, Elizabeth Sweet, Grace Mckeown, Carsten Beriba, Laura, Emmanuelle Sultan, Michael Tullius, Bob Colman, Kirsty Van Grinsven, Lichen June, Theresa Crann, Helene Dube, Jennifer, Toni, Backsbottom Farm, KorAkor, Eunice Neves, Elizabeth Utting, Stefan Schwarzer, Ellen de Heus, Maria, Eivind W. Bjørkavåg, Koreen Brennan, Louis Alemayehu, Norbert Fond,  Jo Anne Irwin, Ruth Eliot, Willeke, Jason Nicoll, Michael G. Burns, Dana Crawford, Tammerlane Schnock, and Amy Jo.