ENOUGH! The story of a peace community in Kabul

The Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) organized a Permaculture Design Course in Kabul from February to March 2016 and invited Rowe Morrow to facilitate it. Here is her report on that PDC as well as a follow-up visit to… Read More

A PDC for people living on the top of the world

In 2016, Rowe Morrow was invited to teach a permaculture course to students from Bhutan, Ladakh, Taiwan, and the Tibetan High School at the Dehradun monastery in India.  Find out what she learnt in her report: “Melting glaciers,… Read More

Permaculture Design Course: 17 March – 13 May, 2017

The Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute will be running a Permaculture Design Course on Friday evenings and Saturdays, weekly from Friday 17 March to Saturday 13 May (excluding Easter). This is a great opportunity for those who would like to take the time… Read More

Permaculture in Precarious Places: 13-19 April 2017, Blue Mountains

A 6 day workshop for permaculturalists wishing to work in challenging environments such as refugee camps, remote communities, disaster zones, low income countries and areas of conflict.

Permaculture Teacher Training: Blue Mountains, 20-26 January 2017

Join Rowe Morrow and Lis Bastian for an intensive Permaculture Teacher Training Course in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains.

New Bioregionalism Course in Italy

Traditional House – still occupied In August 2016 Rowe Morrow led a workshop on Bioregionalism in northern Italy. Here she brings that experience to life: