A PDC for people living on the top of the world

In 2016, Rowe Morrow was invited to teach a permaculture course to students from Bhutan, Ladakh, Taiwan, and the Tibetan High School at the Dehradun monastery in India.  Find out what she learnt in her report: “Melting glaciers,… Read More

A water design for every farm

 From Australian Geographic 2008:The 140-m high Gordon Dam in Tasmania  (Photo: Matthew Newton)   The Federal Agriculture Minister recently  released a green paper on agricultural competitiveness which listed 27 dams and irrigation projects across the country that could… Read More


When the Old becomes New: An 800 year old Food Forest. Rosemary Morrow’s Case Study of her work in Tenganan, Eastern Bali.  This project demonstrates the importance for permaculturists to apply themselves thoroughly to the history and conditions… Read More